Monday, February 11, 2008

40th Reunion

I hope we will have a great response to our 40th reunion. We are all looking forward to getting together and catching up with each other. We can use this Blog to get started before June 28th. Looking forward to reading how everyone has been.


welchd said...

Thanks for setting the site up!
-Donna Filipek (Welch)
--Southington, CT

Ursula said...

This is great. I wish we could see more old pictures, but maybe others will post (regretably, my yearbook got lost somewhere during my first big move).

I am indeed looking forward to the 40th, hoping to catch up with many.

Ursula Nadolny
Guilford, VT

Cliff Cayer said...

40 years seems like a long time, but it also seems like yesterday. Looking forward to enjoying the day with all who can attend.

Cliff Cayer
Bristol, CT

Art said...

Thanks again to Rosann for starting this up. Who would have thought we could do something like this 40 years ago? Now we can say we're 18, with 40 years experience!

Art Tiede
Southington, Ct

bruce.kraczkowsky said...

Okay, I tried this before but did not have a Google/blogger account. If I repeat myself, forgive me.

Check out Ursula with her state of the art IBM Selectric. Notice Audio/Visual aid techs Tarnauzzer and Whiting showing their ivories to the camera. The camera was likely an SLR or box that actually had film that had to be developed, UGH! Think about the yearbook and how it had to be laid out, likely by hand with paste-ups, what Old Mrs. O'Connell could have done with a MAC. Yeah, so we gained a few pounds, added a few wrinkles, got a few gray hairs, other than that nothing much has changed in the last 40 years?

Ro Faiola Reeder said...

Ursula would have been shocked if that typewriter was a Selectric. I spy a manual carriage return. How about it Ursula?
You're right about how far technology has come, Bruce. As far as weight, hair and wrinkles.....I have no idea what you mean. I stopped looking in the mirror year ago.

Ursula said...

Hey - not to mention the reading glasses that were NOT there then, but sure are these days -- I had to magnify the page to 200% to see what you were referring to...

Patti Dezi said...

104 classmates still not heard from. I sent out an email to everyone asking for help. I need to hear from everyone, regardless if they are interested or not. All of your help is apprecaited. Please have anyone on the list that you are in touch with email me ASAP. The list will be placed in the local newspaper shortly. NO ONE LEFT BEHIND. If you did not receive the list please let me.

Tony Whiting said...

I first want to say Hello to everyone of you. Like those before me, thank you to the YOUNG ladies for getting this blog page started & all the work being done for the reunion. I am sorry to say that I will not be able to attend. I have started a 2nd career and will be in school at that time.