Friday, April 17, 2009

Finally Together Again April 2009

Pam Sutak and me in Ormond Beach Florida Enjoying the sun and each other
Pam with my husband Dave
Pam, Me, Dave, my brother Jim and sister in law Kathy Bergin (NBHS 1972) having dinner in Ormond Beach Florida.
What a great Easter week Dave and I had visiting Florida to spend Easter with my brother, sister in law and also being able to spend time with Pam. The weather was great, the company even better. Dave was able to fish while I enjoyed the beach. I had not seen my brother in almost 2 1/2 years and Pam in over 4 years. Now it's their turn to come up north to visit me. I thought our class would enjoy seeing Pam since she was not able to make the reunion. Many do not know that Pam took our original class list from the 25th reunion and researched everyone sending me the phone numbers that she was able to find. I in turn made the calls and the new class list was formed. If it was not for Pam's help from day one, I fear that we would not have been as successful as we were. Since then my helpers (deputies) have grown and we all continue to look for the remaining 10 missing classmates. Without them all we would not be where we are today, I am grateful for all of their help and continued support. Our Class Spirit lives on.