Sunday, November 8, 2009

Mini Reunion and GUESS WHO 11-7-09

WHO ARE WE????? Classmates Revealed Jan 1, 2010
Sheila Sulinski, Wayne Miller and Rocco Nesta.
Scroll down to view the last surprise classmates name. These 3 classmates (along with a 3rd person in a picture below) were not able to attend any of our reunions, however they made it to our mini reunion this past Saturday, Nov 7 2009. Does anyone want to take a guess at who they are? I will post there names in my November newsletter, but for now, try guessing and send me an email and I will let you know if you are correct. Pictures that are posted below contain a question mark instead of their names. If you have lived around the New Britain area 2 of the 3 you have probably bumped into. A special thanks to our invited guest Jo Perra-Moreno NBHS class of 1968 for taking all of these pictures. Thanks Jo, we all enjoyed having you. We had a great time and once again the 3 hours that I was there went by much to fast. Hoping we can have a few more of these at least once a year until 2013 for our 45th.
A lot of the Gang is here Pulaski 1968
Meet and greet
Judi, Cliff and Pat First to arrive
Judi and Sandie
Lisa D. and Justine Beach (3rd lady a guest of Justine)
Marie G, Nancy, Judi, Sue, Nancy R,
Paula, Sandie and Bob
Marilyn B, Nancy L and Sue W
Nancy R, Nancy L, Marilyn B and Sandie M
Pat D and Wayne M
Sheila S. and Judi
Sheila and Wayne and Bob P and Rocco
SueAnn T. Paula H. Pat D. guess Sheila S and Judi M
Paula H and Bob P Were we so happy to have Bob P join us. He was in New Britain from Alaska for personal reasons. Thanks Bob for making time to spend with us.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Grandma Sally

I am with my new granddaughter Sofia, born in late October. 9 1/2 lbs 21 inches long. Her mother KC is awesome. Did the whole thing sans drugs with natural childbirth. She was so awesome we are calling her the "zen master of labor." Sofia is beautiful and seems to look like Daddy a bit, but who knows. A bit of dark hair and sweet, sweet , sweet.