Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Regrets and Fond Memories from Richard Cook: Wide-Eyed and eighteen I had my entire life mapped out after I graduated from High School. Somehow, somewhere I lost that map. The scary thing was that every so often I would find myself back on track, thinking that I knew exactly what I was doing. But sooner or later I would discover that I was back in the thickest underbrush without the aid of a compass. Yet, I have still managed to arrive at this moment in time with my sanity somewhat in tact. (However, many of you, especially Kathy Smulski, will probably doubt that.) It was a pleasant surprise when I received Dez’s call about the upcoming reunion. After I lost the initial contact from the moment I graduated with everyone in the class I figured that I would forever be listed as an MIA during each of the reunions’ roll calls. From somewhere in an old box I found my yearbook. As I thumbed through the pages old faces and forgotten memories returned. There was Ross Spooner, Debbie Stratton, Nancy Matascik, and Kevin McCall who lived on the same street as I did. In those pages I rediscovered quiet Claire Calcinari who was in my homeroom both at Nathan Hale as well as at Pulaski. Then there was Phil Bruzas and fond memories of football push-push drills in the mud. Finally, I came upon the picture of Lou Zabohonski who was a great friend during our Senior year. It is with regret that I will not be able to join you at this joyous occasion. Although my numerous commitments preclude me from attending, I shall think fondly of each of you on that special day. What has happened to me in forty years? First of all I’m still numb to the fact that that many years have actually past. In simple form my story is as follows: To the possible horror of my old laboratory partners, Jean Bonafonte and Lisa Dowling, I actually make a living as a certified laboratory chemist in a research facility. Even without looking in my yearbook I have always remembered Jean’s reminder of our days at Pulaski. There next to her picture she wrote, “Remember last year in Chemistry? How could I forget the time that you almost blew Lisa and I up!” She, and others, may be surprised to learn that I have never succeeded in that particular endeavor, although several of my colleagues have gold stars in that category. My best regards to each and every one of you. A special thank you to “Mr. Mac” for all of your support during those chaotic high school daze (sic). Rich Cook

Saturday, April 19, 2008


At Pat's request I have captioned all of the reunion pics. Between the two of us we knew who most of you were, or we thought we did. If we made errors, please forgive us, but do correct us. You may send corrections to either Pat or me. Next topic will be sports. Phil Bruzas sent me an envelope of sports clippings and the recent sports hall of fame dinner was held in New Britain. Thanks to Phil, we have some one of kind photos. I promise I'll get to it soon. Rosi

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sandy Mazur, Judy Maglio, Marilyn Bindas
Robby Shettle, Kathy Tombari
Bernice Nowak, Sueann Thiede
Bob Polidori, Bob DiDonno, Art Tiede, Warren Burton
Robby Shettle, Barb Vallario
Patti Dezi, Jerry Bogosian
Marcia Sharasheff & Donnie Ahern, Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Ahern
Rosann Faiola, James (the hubs)
Sandy Sobolewski, Sal Scalise
Nancy Melechinsky & Bruce Hoffman
Shirley Gugel, & Hubs?
Pat Czarnaty, Bob DiDonno
Gretchen Schaffer, Marsha Neumeister
Debbie Bayram, Tony Dawkins, Theresa Willett, Yvonne Williams
Sandy Mazur, Kevin Smith Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Smith
Karen Tatum, Tony Dawkins
Jane Bentley, Dolores Koff
Jane Bentley, Dolores Koff
Candy Broemel, Susan DeSena, Barb Vallario, Marilyn Bindas
Tommy Shultz, Roger Jackucewicz

Patti is really cleaning out those junk drawers! (kidding, kidding) Now this set of photos has many more faces to test your memories. I realize that the contest wasn't one of my better ideas, so go ahead and use the comment function or send me an email and identify all these young fresh faces and I promise no one will win anything! Cross my heart. You guys look SO young. Honestly some of you look better than you did in high school. I decided that just because I wasn't there doesn't mean you don't get to see how I've aged, so I put a ringer in the photos of James and me taken the same year as the 25th reunion. After all, it wouldn't be fair if you compared the old crone I've become with my year book photo. Anyone else out there that wasn't able to attend the 25th, feel free to send me a photo of yourself taken in 1993 and I'll post gladly post it. So Bruce, it looks like you won the previously mentioned infamous contest. Contact me via email and we can decide on your "prize" Rosi

Monday, April 14, 2008


I received this email today from Bart Mazzarella. Sounds like Kasmira Stryczek is one lucky woman!
"My wife, Kas, is in picture #5, (second row, second from right with the blond hair}. Nancy Lamb is in picture #9 and is the blond on the right, (but you already knew that)! Neither of these favorite blonds of mine have changed a whole lot since 1968! Especially my wife of 39 years! Kas is still gorgeous and no one believes she is a grandmother of 7! Everyone here in Florida is telling her to go to the reunion to show off how well she's kept herself, but she's never been that type of person. The fact is we haven't been back to Ct since 2000 when we moved my mom here to Vero Beach. Her mom, Anna, has been living with us since 1999."


Some of you may be having difficulty viewing the reunion photos. I did change the host for these blog photos because there is a known issue with vanishing photos that are resized and hosted on google web albums. For those of you who have security settings that do not allow you to view anything that is hosted on a secondary host site, I have stored these photos on Picasa Web Albums. Here is the link. If your security setting does not allow a live link, just use copy and paste to put the address in your browser address bar.


Patti Dezi, Henry Loveland, Linda Silvia, Tony Dawkins, Barb Szczepanik
David Corning, Linda Silvia, Barb Szczepanik
Nancy Matascik, Peggy Foley
Sandy Mazur, Cheryl Griffin, Judy Maglio, Nancy Lamb
Phyllis Williams, Bob Polidori, Pat Dezi, Marie Giannini, Judy Maglio, Art Tiede, Stephen Carey
Phyllis Williams, Pam Pauls
Kevin McCall, Debbie Bayram, Nancy Lamb, Rich Fentner, Art Tiede, Pam Pauls, Bill Sara, Pat Dezi, Jane Bentley, Marie Giannini
Front Row, L to R: Bill Sara, Pam Pauls, Barb Szczepanik, Back Row, L to R: Art Tiede, Marie Giannini, Tom Gzyl, Judy Maglio, Kasimira Stryczek, Linda Silvia
Phyllis Williams, Judy Maglio, Stephen Carey, Pam Pauls
Pat Dezi, Barb Szczepanik, Linda Silvia, Art Tiede
Tom Gzyl, Judy Maglio
Art Tiede, Marilyn Bindas, Judy Maglio
Pat Dezi sent her photos from the 1993 reunion. Now I wasn't there and I wish I had been. Looks like everyone had a great time. If I got any of these wrong, let me know.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

More Memories from a Classmate

Let me say first and foremost, thank you to the 40th Reunion Committee for all the long hours and tireless work to make our reunion memorable. I think I can speak for all of us who are interested that we are so happy you started this whole process, and we are eternally grateful for all you're doing! I want to add a few memories of my own about Rich Stolarun. We sat togther in 9th grade (at good ole Washington Jr. High) in French & Algebra. We had such a nice friendshp and connection, we eventually referred to each other as "brother and sister". I found him to be a quietly funny and warm young guy, with a terrific sense of humor. When we got to PHS, we didn't have any classes together, and would just greet each other in the hall. But we never forgot our friendship from 9th grade, and alluded to it in our yearbook inscriptions. I can't think of the Viet Nam war, without thinking of Rich. So, here's to you Rich....we'll remember you on our 40th reunion party with a smile on our faces - like we remember you! I do hope Mr. Mac comes to our celebration. I had him for 12th grade English (or American, as he insisted it be called). When my older son went to NBHS from 1992 - 1996, he had Mr. Mac for German for 4 years. He loved his humour, intellect and his raw patriotism, as we did. When Dennis & I went to NBHS for parent orientation - Mr. Mac was excited, and made sure Mr. Donahue and Mr. DiMugno knew we were there. It was great to see some of our Pulaski teachers still at it. Hope to see my old friends at the reunion, and also the classmates I didn't know - we all have a lot in common - especially now. Janet (Weed) Boutin