Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A bittersweet return to Vietnam

A picture of me in "dogpatch" in Da Nang this past summer of 2008. This was off limits when I was in Vietnam. Sex, drugs and rock and roll, not to mention death and destruction all a part of the Vietnam days. The other picture is of me and Dennis Taricani, (PHS 67), He and I were actually there at the same time, and in the same battalion. Picture taken in the Que Son valley, and the mountain area. The monument we are standing in front of, is being erected to honor the many Vietnamese Killed here during the war. This place was called LZ Ross when we were there and was very primitive, so much so that if I saw a dinosaur back then I would not have been surprised. Rich Williams, Randy's brother, also was with us. He was a Seabee over there. This is also the area I was in when I found out Richie Stolarun lost his life. How far we have come that I am able to share our now and then experiences with each other.
Chuck Searle 2-22-09

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Some like it COLD

This is cabin fever relief for me. Some people think that fishing and other outdoor activities stop in the winter especially ice fishing. In 1967 along with Bob Piorkowski and Joe Karwoski with our team leader Mr.Dimugno the PHS Sportsmen's Club were certified in weapons safety and we set out to get our hunting and fishing licenses. I have been ice fishing with my nephew who is fourteen for the past four years. We fish for trout and salmon at West Hill Pond in New Hartford. CT DEP assists in stocking that pond amply with 135 surplus brood stock which means when their hatchery time as a producer is up; they are liberated to a lake to spend the rest of their days free. This brown trout was 6 3/4 lbs and was 23". Although not the biggest trout stocked in length it was the heaviest that I have seen caught for its size. It fought for about five minutes and was iced with the help of my nephew who brought it through the ice hole with me. This trout places me in a local contest in second place in the state. My nephew finished third in last year's contest. Thanks CT DEP for stocking those beautiful trout and salmon in the CT ponds.--- Phil Bruzas Sr.