Monday, October 10, 2016

2016 Class of 1968 Mini Get together with a few class mates from 1967 attending. West Main Pizza in Plainville

 Patti and Judi
 Sandy joins in
 Linda, Judi, Sandy and Patti
 Dennis and Sandy, class of 1967
 Mr. Churchill, Shirely, Judi and Sue

 Candy, Nancy,Nancy and Janet
 Cliff in the back, Sue and Linda with Candy looking over
 Justine joins the group, Janet and Candy
 Sue, Judi, Sue, Mr. C. and Shirley
 Sue talking to Shirley

 Our group enjoying pizza and each other
 Donna and Sandy class of 1967
 Nancy, Ann, Stephen, Lisa, Sue and Donna who is class of 1967
 Dennis, Janet, Justine and Nancy
 Elaine joins us, NBHS class of 1966
 Peggy in the back talking to Sandy
 Patti and Elaine
 Stephen and Donald
 Stephen, Patti and Donald
 Artie, Lisa, Peggy, Sue and Nancy
 Donna, Elaine and Marcia  Class 1967  except Elaine NBHS 1966
 Patti joins in
 Sue, Judi and Shirley
 Judi, Elaine, Marcia and Donna
 Linda, Judi, Sandy and Patti
 Looking over the pictures that Judi brought for anyone to take.
Donald, Stephen and John
Thanks to all who attended...and especially to the regulars that continue to keep our mini's going.