Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A crafts man amongst us

Some unique rattles made with more LOVE than wood by our classmate Lou. You can see pictured below how easy they are for babies to hold and enjoy. Also below is Lou with his grandchild.
Me and my rattle
Grandpa and me
what a tight grip Peyton has
I recently asked Lou if he could make rolling pins. The one with the red handle is for my daughter's birthday and the large one is for my son's birthday. I had previously ordered a pasta board for my son from Lou. Lou does beautiful work that in my opinion can not be purchased elsewhere. Below are some other items that he also makes. Please visit his web site turnzwood2.com or feel free to email him with any special request you may have. I also had my children's name and dates put onto the rolling pins and pasta board. They certainly make a great useful keepsake (if your into cooking) that my children will have for many years and hopefully hand down to the grandchildren that I may never see. Below are also some other items that Lou makes, please take a minute and see how talented our classmate is.
Rolling Pins
Pasta board and rolling pins
Pen's that were a special order for another classmate
train set
acorn boxes