Monday, August 2, 2010

South Florida Fun .... Dodging the BP Bullet

The Florida Keys ... fresh air, beautiful breezes, sunny and warm - if only it'll continue that way.   Head south for salt water fishing, boating, paragliding, snorkeling, kayaking, sunset cruises and some of the absolute best seafood on the east coast.

Water-view of the schooner.  Crystal clear diving on the reef.  And no, we didn't see JAWS...

Madame "Head Concierge" for the DoubleTree in Key West, Debbie B. was again a fabulous hostess, a fount of Keysie knowledge, trip arranger extraordinaire, and just plain fun to hang with.  Call Deb and she'll make your vacation planning to Key West effortless...

Cat, Deb and Steve enjoy a laugh at the Tiki Hut.  The DoubleTree Tiki Hut bartender was from Connecticut too!  Small world! 

Cat snags the first of her "baby" bass at Lake Okeechobee. 

Steve got the "Big One" ... check out how calm Lake Okeechobee's water is...can you believe we ran out of bait?    Talk about active fishing ... and it was in the high 90's.
And a trip to Florida would not be complete without a trip or two to the baseball park to see the Marlins play. Next time we're headed to St. Pete to see the Rays play in airconditioned comfort.