Thursday, May 20, 2010

45 Years Ago ...

1965 was the year - and these are the Graduates of St. Mary's (submitted to Pat by Nancy R).

From Left to Right, the grads are:
1st Row, 2nd Person - Bruce W.
1st Row, last Person - Danny C.
3rd Row, 1st Person - Shirley G.
3rd Row, 2nd Person - Nancy R.
3rd Row, last Person - Susan B.
5th Row, 3rd Person - James D.
6th Row, 3rd Person - Jane B.
6th Row, 4th Person - Eva B.
7th Row, 2nd Person - Artie T.

Did we miss anyone? Let us know! Holy Cross also immortalized their 9th grade grads - if anyone can resurrect that photo for the Blog from their personal archives, please let us know!