Monday, October 10, 2016

2016 Class of 1968 Mini Get together with a few class mates from 1967 attending. West Main Pizza in Plainville

 Patti and Judi
 Sandy joins in
 Linda, Judi, Sandy and Patti
 Dennis and Sandy, class of 1967
 Mr. Churchill, Shirely, Judi and Sue

 Candy, Nancy,Nancy and Janet
 Cliff in the back, Sue and Linda with Candy looking over
 Justine joins the group, Janet and Candy
 Sue, Judi, Sue, Mr. C. and Shirley
 Sue talking to Shirley

 Our group enjoying pizza and each other
 Donna and Sandy class of 1967
 Nancy, Ann, Stephen, Lisa, Sue and Donna who is class of 1967
 Dennis, Janet, Justine and Nancy
 Elaine joins us, NBHS class of 1966
 Peggy in the back talking to Sandy
 Patti and Elaine
 Stephen and Donald
 Stephen, Patti and Donald
 Artie, Lisa, Peggy, Sue and Nancy
 Donna, Elaine and Marcia  Class 1967  except Elaine NBHS 1966
 Patti joins in
 Sue, Judi and Shirley
 Judi, Elaine, Marcia and Donna
 Linda, Judi, Sandy and Patti
 Looking over the pictures that Judi brought for anyone to take.
Donald, Stephen and John
Thanks to all who attended...and especially to the regulars that continue to keep our mini's going.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 2016 gathering.

2016 May gathering in Plainville Ct.  The Gang is here, not all but many including 2 teachers, Mr. Churchill and Mr. MacNamara

2016 May Get together

Another great gather with over 30 classmates and 2 teachers.

Click on the link to view our pictures.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Thanks to Lou Z for reminding us of the Good Old Days.

In The Beginning When We Were Young

Found one of those rants from some youngster.  You know someone born in the ‘80’s who is complaining that their children don’t know how good they have it now over being a kid in the ‘80’s.  Being a grandparent a number of times over, the oldest serving on a nuclear submarine, I thought it was time to add my two “copper” pennies worth.
Starting with telephones.   Just for fun, ask someone under 40 what why they have letters by the numbers on the key pad.  Texting?  Remembering 800 phone numbers?  Then tell them about telephone exchanges, e.g. BAldwin or SHerwood.  Forget about dialing the phone.  In the Kevin Kline movie In & Out there is a scene where Matt Dillon’s character leaves his girlfriend in a motel room with a dial telephone and she freaks out because she doesn’t know how to use it.  Remember when a mobile phone was either a long wall cord or handset cord on a wall phone. Just be careful you didn’t clothesline anybody.  As Apple advertises the small size of the new iphone, remember the princess phone.  Remember when social Networking was talking with the other people on the party line.  Voice Mail was your parents or siblings giving you a message, if they remembered.  And don’t forget running through several rooms to answer the phone because there were no answering machines.
Computers, the first rule and all you had to remember was “Do not bend, fold, spindle, or mutilate.”
Remember when your only television choice were ABC, CBS, NBC, and pay tv, i.e. Channel 18.  In the beginning the first fear of televisions was getting bad eyesight because you were watching in the dark.  You needed a “TV light”, especially one that looked like an art deco panther.  In the beginning were rabbit ears.  You had to do the electronic version of fengshui adjusting the rabbit ears to get a picture.  Then if you got luck you had a roof mounted antenna and with luck it had a motor connected to a box on top of the set so you could change the direction the antenna pointed.  TV repairmen actually came to your house.  Later your parents would send you down to Axelrod’s on Broad St.  so you could test the tubes and replace them yourself.  Interactive TV was Winky Dink and You.  If you can remember that far back, you had to purchase a cling on piece of vinyl to put on your TV screen.  You then helped Winky by doing a drawing on the vinyl.  And before Sesame Street who can remember Miss Frances and Ding Dong School.  I have frequently asked mature individuals I have met whether they were Ding Dong School or Romper Room kids.  A guy I worked with did stop me short though when he said he didn’t have a TV as a kid.  
Then for a Cineplex you had the Falcon, Embassy, the Palace, and the Strand where it was 20 degrees cooler inside.  The Forbidden Planet (1956) was the first movie I remember seeing in a theater.  Drive-In Theaters were great so long as it didn’t rain and you could stay awake to see the whole picture. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Maine Adventure

August 2012

Thanks to Chuck for sharing these photo's.  They were taken at Chuck's summer cabin in Rangeley Maine, the northwest part of Maine with lots of mountains and lakes. Included in the photo's are Marty Johnson, David Randolph, Diane Larkin and of course Chuck Searle.  The photo of Diane and Chuck was taken this month  The others were taken during a fishing trip in 2009.  It's nice to see our Pulaski Sign making the rounds. 


Saturday, February 18, 2012

Together Again February 2012

Another mini get together. Not all who attended are pictured. It's a great place to meet, have pizza and remember the great times we had growing up. Stay an hour or stay the entire time, either way everyone is happy to be together. Our 45th is fast approaching, June 2013 will be here before we know it.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Keeping Walnut Hill Park in Bloom

If you live in New Britain you may have seen our classmate Danny doing his best to keep Walnut Hill Park Beautiful. This picture was recently post on August 10th in The New Britain Hearld.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Classmates visit Long Island June 11, 2011

Nancy L and Nancy R visit Patty D The weather might not have been perfect but the company certainly was. The Bridgeport ferry to Port Jefferson was a long day but a much easier way to visit Long Island. We took a tour of Long Island that included Robert Moses beach, Jones Beach, Bethpage Golf Course and of course the Amityville Horror house. We returned to a nice lunch that my daughter and husband had ready for us. It was a wonderful day for me. I only hope that Nancy L. and Nancy R. felt the same way even if my driving made them doubtful. It certainly brought back memories of 1968.
Just in case the sun came out, Nancy was ready. A toast to friendship.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Mini Reunion gathering April 15, 2011

Another successful get together, if you were there I know you had a great time. If you couldn't make it or choose not to you certainly missed a great time. We hope to do it again in October and we welcome all classmates. This was our largest turn out for a mini reunion. A few classmates had to leave before the group picture. After the last picture look for the names of those that attended. Hope to see you all at the next one.
Pulaski class of 1968 enjoying each others company.
Those classmates that attended are: Rocco, Jim, Paula, Marilyn, Bruce, Nancy M. Linda, Judi, Patti, Greg, Mike, Sue D. Lisa, Tina, Susan W. Randy, Chuckie, Jean, Janet, Cliff, Nancy R. Justine, Jane B. and Artie. We also had the pleasure of socializing with a few spouses and Jo, from NBHS.
Thanks Jo, for taking care of reserving our date and taking pictures.